Providing a Secure Environment for Your Honeywell Mobile Devices


Honeywell Launcher improves worker productivity and provides a secure environment for your Honeywell mobile devices. It provides a highly secure lock screen for users and administrators. With Honeywell Launcher you can:

  • Choose PIN or password protection with user and admin modes and a configurable background.
  • PINs and passwords are encrypted using the highest industry standards for added security.
  • Lock down access to the control panel, preventing users from accessing or modifying device settings. 
  • Limit user access to only company-approved applications and prevent users from initiating unauthorized configuration changes.
  • You can also use Honeywell Launcher together with Honeywell Enterprise Browser to create a single-purpose device configuration.

Key Features

Honeywell Launcher will help your enterprise improve worker productivity, reduce helpdesk calls, and improve security. Here’s how:

  • With Honeywell Launcher active on a device, you can limit each end user’s access to applications – whether that’s a single application or a limited set of applications. You approve the level of access you want for each of your workers. This keeps your workers focused on line-of-business applications. It also prevents them from accessing applications that might distract them and lead to unproductive activity. 
  • Enforcing user sign-in prevents unauthorized users from accessing the device and using business-sensitive applications. 
    And by restricting configuration to admin users, Honeywell Launcher prevents users from connecting to non-trusted Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® access points. Controlling configuration changes enables you to minimize downtime, helpdesk calls, and security risks.

Your assigned admin users can configure Honeywell Launcher to:

  • Work with a single-user application and launch that application as soon as the device powers up.  
  • Prevent application exit, turning the mobile computer into a single-purpose device. 
  • Define trusted Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections and allow connection only to those pre-defined networks.  
  • Manage user-defined PINs or passwords.  
  • Work with multiple applications, allowing the user to switch between those applications.  
  • Prevent the user from accessing or even viewing other applications on the device.

Honeywell Launcher supports Honeywell mobile computers running the following operating systems: 

  • Windows® 10 Enterprise Edition 
  • Android™

For more information about what your business can achieve with Launcher, contact us today.