Voice Picking

Increase Picking Accuracy and Speed With Honeywell Voice

Empower Your Mobile Workforce

Free up employees’ hands and eyes with voice-guided workflows that help them pick and pack safely, efficiently and accurately. When picking products associates often have their hands full of paper instead of focusing on the task at hand. With Honeywell Voice, you and your workers can improve operations throughout the DC or warehouse, such as:

  • Increase productivity more than 30 percent

  • Correct up to 80 percent of picking errors

  • Achieve 99.99 percent order accuracy rates 

  • Lower attrition rates by 30 percent

  • Improve worker safety up to 20 percent

  • Reduce training time up to 85 percent

  • Enable workers to speak in their native languages (currently available in more than 40 languages) 

Collect, Analyze, and Process Worker Data

Honeywell Voice provides advanced data collection, automated documentation and analytics capabilities, enabling you to optimize your mobile workforce’s productivity while ensuring process compliance. Within an automated DC or warehouse, you can:

  • Monitor real-time throughput targets and inventory levels

  • Ensure continuous process improvements

  • Make better informed decisions to move the business forward and meet anticipated demands

In addition, Honeywell Voice data is easily integrated into popular labor management systems (LMS) or off-the-shelf business information (BI) visualization tools.

For more about what your business can accomplish with Honeywell Voice for Voice Picking, contact us today.