Distribution Solutions, Inc.  

Distribution Solutions Inc warehouse
Distribution Solutions Inc warehouse

In the summer of 2005, Jeffery Wolpov saw an opportunity. His third-party logistics (3PL) company, Distribution Solutions, Inc. (DSI; acquired by Port Logistics Group in 2008), was approached by a leading U.S. department store chain to help with container processing at its Newark, N.J., import facility.

Previously, a major logistics company handled the 3PL tasks for the chain’s containers of merchandise as they crossed the Atlantic Ocean and were unloaded for distribution to stores around the country. But the largely manual picking, fulfillment and shipping system made the process an inefficient and costly endeavor for all parties involved.

With the pressure of receiving high volumes of merchandise, the store chain wanted assurance that the new automated distribution center was going to work, and fast. Working with supplier Honeywell Intelligrated, the W&H team provided peace of mind for the store chain and for DSI. The entire maneuver could have easily required up to 12 months of planning, design and installation, but W&H and Honeywell Intelligrated completed it in just over five months.

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