Precise Cross-belt Sortation: Unlocking Efficient E-Commerce Distribution

E-commerce fulfillment operations face several challenges in their pursuit of providing the best possible customer experience. Distribution centers (DCs) must meet tight delivery schedules, quick turnaround times, and manage efficient shipping. Meanwhile, order profiles and product sizes and packaging types are evolving. DCs must direct this wide variety of items from storage to shipping to meet customer demands. And most importantly, DCs must ensure the right orders are delivered to the right places. 

Keeping the automated distribution puzzle running efficiently requires the highest levels of sortation accuracy, with speed and precision to avoid jams, recirculations, and product and equipment damage. Legacy cross-belt sortation systems often struggle to meet these requirements. However, new levels of precision are becoming available to distribution centers through a new type of diverting technology: dynamic discharge compensation (DDC).

This white paper discusses this new type of diverting technology for cross-belt sortation systems, which was engineered for maximum accuracy when handling the variable product mix and order sizes of modern e-commerce fulfillment operations.