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When it comes to safety footwear, put your best foot forward

Safety shoes are an essential part of personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers in various industries. Professional protective footwear is highly beneficial if chosen correctly, as it helps to optimize workers’ safety, well-being, efficiency, and comfort. However, selecting the proper footwear for the job is a complex process with precise steps.

Honeywell goes the extra mile to help safety managers and other decision-makers navigate the regulatory framework and safety shoe options available to make an educated selection suitable for their application. 

We know that safety footwear must comply with stringent safety requirements and safeguard workers’ feet against a multitude of risks. Our range of protective footwear includes styles and features that meet the standards and needs of most industries, helping to provide increased protection, enhanced stability and improved comfort.

Recommended Safety Footwear

Made With the Ladies in Mind. The most important thing about safety shoes is the woman who wears them.

When it comes to safety, always settle for more. A world-renowned leader in safety innovation, Honeywell has joined hands with Otter.

Honeywell Agile is engineered with advanced technology and unique features that bring both comfort and protection.