Enhance Your Team or Career With ICampus Training

No matter what kind of warehouse job you perform, the right training can help you to do it better, safer and more efficiently. And with ICampus online training from Honeywell Intelligrated, you can improve your skills on- demand — whenever and wherever you like — at whatever pace is most convenient for you. It’s a great way to grow or refresh your expertise and learn how to work safely while increasing your opportunities for more satisfying and better-paying jobs.

Created by OSHA-authorized and PMMI-certified trainers, ICampus courses are intuitive, easy to use, and designed for maximum comprehension and retention. Each module can be completed in just 45 minutes or less, and you’ll receive a certificate recognizing your success for each course you complete.

Benefits for DC Workers

  • Improve your skills
  • Learn from top OSHA-authorized and PMMI-certified trainers
  • Handle real-world challenges with confidence
  • Increase your value to employers
  • Get qualified for more satisfying and higher-value jobs
  • Certificate documenting your achievement for every course you complete

Benefits for DC Operators and Managers

  • More skilled and satisfied workers
  • A safer, more productive workplace
  • Improve employee retention
  • Faster onboarding of new hires
  • Reduce loss of expertise and “tribal” knowledge
  • Increase uptime, maximize system investments, and streamline lifecycle management

Over 300 courses are currently available, with more being added every month. You can take individual courses on an as-needed basis or get all the benefits of everything ICampus has to offer with a full-access subscription. Training programs cover a wide range of Honeywell Intelligrated solutions, plus fundamental skills you can use in any warehouse setting, including general safety, material handling system operation and maintenance, in-depth troubleshooting and more.

To sign up for training or get more information, fill out the form on this page and an ICampus representative will contact you soon.