Hospitals and Clinics

Equipping Your Clinicians to Provide Exceptional Patient Care

Removing Barriers to Seamless Patient Care

From locating patient forms to Electronic Health Record (EHR) data entry, clinicians are pressed for time.

Honeywell provides technology solutions to empower clinicians with the right tools to make them more efficient, effective, safe and productive while delivering best-in-class patient care and integrating seamlessly into operational workflows. We believe the right technology doesn’t add layers to your job, it removes them.

Honeywell mobility, scanning and printing solutions help streamline critical hospital workflows including asset management, bedside care, clinician productivity, patient safety and security. From check-in to discharge, we can help error-proof tasks so your team can focus on what’s truly important—patient care. 

Protecting Those Who Protect Others

Honeywell’s eye, hand and respiratory PPE helps minimize infection risk for both clinicians and patients. Our worker-focused products protect front-line clinicians from splash, droplet and airborne exposure to pathogens. By protecting one, we protect all.

Browse some of our key hospital offerings

Healthcare Scanners

Honeywell healthcare handheld scanners help increase accuracy in hospital workflows.

Healthcare Mobile Computers

Healthcare handheld computers make it easier for clinicians to provide superior care to patients.

Healthcare Eye Protection

Comprehensive line of goggles and eyewear for healthcare professionals.

DC365 Surgical N95 Respirator

Designed for clinician satisfaction across the spectrum of care.