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When lives are on the line, the products used in medical equipment design should be exceptional. Sensor and switch performance, reliability, durability and accuracy are paramount. That’s why the medical industry trusts Honeywell. Honeywell technology helps medical equipment perform well over its lifespan.

Our leading technology, broad product offering and experienced application engineering support help medical equipment manufacturers find the sensing or switch solution to meet their specific needs. Our sensors, switches, barcode scan engines and software are widely used in a variety of critical medical equipment such as:

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Our technologies measure elements like pressure, airflow, humidity, temperature, force, and oxygen. They are critical components to equipment in the lab, operating room, pharmacy and the point-of-care. Honeywell advanced sensing technologies also power remote care equipment, like CPAP machines, blood pressure devices, smart inhalers, breast pumps and spirometry devices, that allow healthcare to be delivered from home.

Browse some of our key sensing technology offerings

Board Mount Pressure Sensors

Used in a wide variety of medical equipment, including respiratory, dental, wound therapy, dialysis, infusion and lab equipment.

Airflow Sensors

Used in chromatography equipment, spirometers, anesthesia delivery systems, ventilators and more. Contain advanced microstructure technology to provide a sensitive and fast response.

Force Sensors

Used in surgical instruments, dialysis machines and oxygen concentrators. Measure the addition or backup of force, with proportional output.

Pulse Oximetry Sensors

Facilitates measurement of blood oxygen saturation. Disposable and reusable options.

Basic Switches

Used in a variety of lab equipment. Highly reliable performance.

Flow Sensors

Used in life-support systems in intensive care and emergency medicine. Measures breathing gas flow.

Temperature Sensors

Used in infant incubators, sleep apnea machines, ventilators, anesthesia delivery systems, blood analyzers and more. Offers RTD and thermistor sensing elements and packaged temperature probes.

Barcode Scan Engines, Modules and Decoding Software

Used throughout the operating room, lab, pharmacy and point of care. Includes SwiftDecoder™ barcode decoding and character recognition software.

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MicroForce Sensors, FMA Series

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