Industrial Equipment

The Need for Rugged Industrial Applications

Complex industrial applications need to be engineered for enhanced precision, repeatability, and ruggedness.  

Our flexible sensing components enable quick customization for industrial applications such as temperature and humidity control systems, water heaters, conveying, paper production, steel fabrication and many more.

High-precision Sensors and Switches

Our expertise in aerospace and defense, transportation, medical and other industries enables us to offer products and solutions for a wide range of applications.

Whether working with OEM customers for individual application-specific designs or delivering aftermarket support, Honeywell offers the perfect combination of performance, accuracy, and innovation to meet just about any industrial customer need.

To enhance productivity and efficiency on the factory floor, Honeywell data collection and marking devices handle labor-intensive assembly tasks to optimize and track operations from beginning to end.

Today’s industrial machinery is evolving rapidly. Machines are smarter, faster, and more connected than ever before, achieving higher efficiencies and productivity, with less waste.  

Honeywell offers a wide range of products and engineering expertise for unmatched value — powerful solutions for almost any industrial need. Enhanced accuracy and durability are built into every component that we build. Our solutions are flexible and can be tailored to your exact specifications — for stronger performance, longer productivity, and increased safety. 

Whether working with OEM customers for industrial application specific designs or delivering aftermarket support, Honeywell offers the perfect combination of performance and innovation to meet any of your needs today.

Industrial Sensing Solutions for your Safety Needs

Manufacturing plants are more complex than ever before. Businesses are increasingly facing pressure to drive growth and productivity, while managing costs. 

From labor-intensive assembly tasks to fully automated environments, manufacturers need workflow solutions that can help reduce errors and increase efficiency in production, storage and supply chain operations. As a result of these demands, it is quite possible that a factory worker can easily get behind his or her daily schedule. This type of situation has the potential to result in an accident on a factory floor. 

Honeywell understands the challenges faced by manufacturers and offers a wide variety of safety limit switches offered for various factory-floor applications.

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