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Handheld Computers
Handheld Computers

Handheld Computers

Mobile computers for a variety of industries including DC, retail and more.

Honeywell handheld mobile computers combine powerful enterprise-focused performance in a sleek, familiar consumer-device design. When placed in the hands of a highly mobile workforce, Honeywell mobile computers work as a force multiplier to enhance productivity and accuracy throughout the enterprise, whether that’s the retail store front or the warehouse floor.

Combining elegance and durability, Honeywell handheld mobile computers are designed to be carried comfortably throughout an entire shift. With extended life batteries, durable and vivid touch screens, and highly accurate scan engines, Honeywell handheld mobile computers are ultra-reliable and capable of meeting business-critical demands in a variety of retail, healthcare, warehouse and T&L environments.

Backed by the scalability and power of Android, Honeywell mobile computing devices are built on the Honeywell Mobility Edge™ platform, offering a durable, stable and secure foundation for effective, long-lasting solutions.

Deploying Honeywell handheld mobile computers empowers enterprises to achieve and sustain highly productive workflows and deploy a solution built for their future.

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