Smart Pay

Contactless Mobile Payment for your frontline workers

Every Employee Becomes a Mobile Point of Sale

Smart Pay is licensable software, pre-approved by major credit card brands that runs on commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) devices such as the Honeywell CT30 XP and ScanPal EDA52 and other touchscreen computers.

Smart Pay enables most Honeywell Android mobile computers to become secure, contactless points of sale, enabling every equipped employee to provide an added level of service to consumers of the merchant’s goods and services, increasing opportunities to boost revenue, loyalty and repeat business.

Smart Pay leverages merchants’ existing POS software, payment systems, processor and banking systems. It’s not intended to replace existing payment systems, but rather, to enable Honeywell mobile devices to dovetail into existing payment solutions, potentially enabling every employee with a mobile computer to become a roving point of sale.


Smart Pay Integrates with Existing Payment Solutions

  • Ability to integrate with existing systems using SDKs and APIs analogous
  • Designed to run with a variety of Honeywell touchscreen devices, including the CT30 XP, CT45, CT40, CT60, EDA52 and EDA5S
  • Pre-approved by Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Diner’s Club/Discover card brands
  • Compatible with most merchants’ existing banking, POS and acquirer/processor partners


Smart Pay is designed to be compliant with the upcoming PCI MPOC (Mobile Payment on COTS) standard.

  • Code obfuscation is a “code-hardening method” that makes applications difficult or impossible for bad actors to defeat software security by reverse-engineering the code
  • White-box cryptography combines encryption and obfuscation to embed secret keys within application code
  • Secure Attestation and Monitoring is anti-tamper technology that monitors devices, operating systems and payment software to detect tampering and disables payment processing if tampering is discovered. It relies on a monitoring client on the device and an outside “Sam” server to monitor and report on the integrity of software running on the mobile computer