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Introducing Safety Suite Real Time

Software for enhanced worker protection

Connected Safety with Safety Suite

Honeywell Safety Suite is an ecosystem of comprehensive safety applications that enhances safety, productivity, and compliance for plant, remote and emergency response customers by using connected devices, analytics, and workflow automation.

It is an open platform that lets you securely manage and monitor your gas detection fleet  in one place almost anytime and anywhere. 

Safety Suite Real Time

This software application monitors workers’ exposure to gas, weather, and physiological conditions in real time. It also relays data from your fleet of wireless monitors to a centralized system for a comprehensive view of worker safety.

Safety Suite Device Manager

Cloud based software that allows safety managers to maintain and track their fleet of devices so that they can be reliably used to protect workers and assets.

Safety Suite Device Configurator

Desktop software that provides basic device management capabilities for portable gas detectors.

Partner with the Experts in Gas and Flame Detection

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