Using LMS to Address Omnichannel Challenges

The complexity and speed of omnichannel commerce drive retailers to pursue increasingly competitive service level agreements, with cross-channel orders mandating increased process and labor efficiencies in stores. In-store fulfillment demands require accurate management and tracking of back room inventory and fulfillment processes. Implementing proven warehouse solutions in retail stores, such as labor management software (LMS), can provide store managers with the data-driven intelligence to drive significant cost savings and the efficiency necessary to solve cross-channel challenges.

Although LMS is widely used in warehouses, it can also help retail stores with fulfillment and inventory tracking. This software improves the accuracy of inventory and ensures consumers cannot purchase something that is out of stock, which would create dissatisfaction and an unpleasant customer experience. LMS proves its ROI by increasing throughout and creating a better staffing model by using historical data to follow trends and better predict future needs.

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