AS/RS Keys to Success

There's no doubt automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are powerful tools that optimize productivity and throughput capacity in distribution and fulfillment operations. Shuttle systems have emerged as the next generation of AS/RS technology due to their storage volume, speed, flexibility and scalable layout configurations. But what should companies consider when evaluating and adopting this technology in their facility?

Applications of AS/RS

Together, automated systems and workflow modifications can solve the challenges of high-throughput e-commerce fulfillment. Shuttle systems in particular maximize efficiency based on operational needs, strategically releasing products in sequence for truck unloading and mixed-load pallet building or grouping similar orders together for faster fulfillment. Shuttles are also valuable in buffering applications, preparing incoming materials or kitting operations for assembly.

The vendor partnership

AS/RS technologies are a large capital expenditure, and an investment of such magnitude merits a long-term partnership with a special focus on experience and support capabilities. It's important to ask the right questions during the RFP process. Does the vendor have experience integrating other large, multimillion-dollar systems? Do they have a reputation for stability and seeing projects through to success? Is the equipment manufactured locally with responsive support and fast repairs?

Integration and scalability

Systems integration requires not only physical connections but also significant data integration links. Tightly coupled systems not only improve performance but drive a better ROI. Consider the overall system, both today and in the future, during the initial AS/RS design and installation to streamline efficiency and enable scalability over time as order volumes and storage requirements increase.

Operational advantages

Goods-to-operator fulfillment enabled by AS/RS can more than double labor productivity by eliminating walk time between picks. Furthermore, in comparison to other AS/RS technology, shuttles hold key advantages in throughput capability, accuracy and layout flexibility. The chart below provides a comparison: 

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