Augmented Reality Smart Glasses Decrease Cost and Increase Productivity

Augmented Reality Smart Glasses Decrease Cost and Increase Productivity

Extended downtime in distribution centers and manufacturing operations can cost thousands of dollars per hour. Waiting for a site visit from an engineer isn’t always a timely solution. Like most industries, distribution centers and manufacturing operations can find faster solutions in new technologies that once seemed impossible. Today’s cutting-edge technologies enable remote collaboration with 24/7/365 technical support to significantly reduce downtime.

The latest generation of augmented reality smart glasses offers hands-free technology that combines live video, audio, augmented reality overlays and secure networking capabilities. Wearing theses smart glasses allows field technicians to project live images to remote support engineers for fast diagnosis and troubleshooting of critical issues. Instead of initiating a service call, remote experts can see exactly what your technicians are dealing with in real time, thereby greatly reducing the time until your machines are repaired and operational.

Real-time collaboration with streamlined communication

TechSight smart glasses from Honeywell Intelligrated were built on this “show me, don’t tell me” philosophy. How many times have you wished that the technical support engineers on the phone could just see what your technicians could see? How often has a service engineer traveled to your site for a repair that turned out to be as simple as a cable being unplugged or plugged into the wrong place?

With TechSight, these types of events are avoidable. The glasses serve as a “heads-up” display that allows our team to see exactly what your technician sees. Our experts can send schematics and create real-time annotations with the augmented reality capability, allowing your technician to see exactly how to fix the problem. Because TechSight is hands-free, the technician is able to make repairs and receive annotated schematics while consulting with a technical support representative in real time. 

The augmented reality capabilities also enable the diagnosis and troubleshooting of complex issues. For example, we often find customers experiencing difficulty programming a variable frequency drive. Because this task isn’t easily communicated via phone assistance, traditional support methods are often ineffective or unsuccessful, especially if working with an inexperienced technician. Using the augmented reality features, our technical support engineers have helped customers program the drive in half the time usually required.

This type of collaboration and multi-dimensional communication save time and money while providing valuable troubleshooting training for your technicians. In fact, one of the most beneficial aspects of TechSight is the interaction and support of our engineer-staffed support team. Between the combined expertise of our field maintenance crews and our technical support engineers, TechSight connects you with a best-in-class support team.

To learn more about how TechSight can help your business, watch our video on augmented reality glasses

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