Baseball Caps? We’ve Got a Better Solution for You

Baseball Caps? We’ve Got a Better Solution for You

Workers in manufacturing, food, utilities, agriculture, transportation, warehousing and other industries where certified head protection is not required are… wearing baseball caps! These provide minimum protection, exposing workers to head bumps, cuts, scrapes and bruises. Here’s what head protection to wear, when hard hats are not required.

Some 40,000 head injuries happen in the private sector, according the U.S. Bureau of Labor. Only 6% of them occur in construction, where hard hats are mandatory to be worn, while the rest occur when head protection is not enforced.

Hard hats protect workers in construction and utility job sites against object-generated impact, which involves tools, or materials falling onto the worker.

However, workers are exposed to head injuries in many other industries and situations, such as manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and other services.

Such unwanted events happen because of worker-generated impact, when the person accidentally initiates the contact. Although the injury is not severe or deadly, it is still unpleasant and expansive – the average cost of an emergency room visit reaches $1,200, according to a National Institute of Health study. Fortunately, there is an alternative head protection solution to prevent such injuries. Hits happen to anyone, even when working in the backyard.

Why replace your baseball hat with a bump cap?

Many people typically use regular baseball caps against the sun, for comfort and style. However, when working in tight quarters, such as crawl spaces or under sinks, navigating beneath overhead plumbing, low ceilings and hanging hazards, workers are very likely to bump their heads.

While worker-generated impacts may seem less severe than object-generated impacts, they can lead to some gruesome gashes, concussions and even loss of consciousness. And that’s no small medical expense.

Built around a padded, impact-resistant plastic shell, the bump cap looks like a basic baseball hat, and is designed to provide comfortable, lightweight protection against worker-generated impact.

Bump caps are made of soft inserts and materials, providing extra comfort for extended wear. Therefore, workers can wear them all day, anytime and anywhere, no matter if they are on the job or working in their back yard. If worried about style, there are models that offer fashionable designs and are available in any color, for the same price as a regular baseball hat.

If looking for head protection against impact with a stationary object, there are things you need to take into consideration.

·       Impact and cut resistance;

·       Comfort (ventilation, lightweight, softness);

·       Good visibility when looking up – well-dimensioned peak brim;

·       Reflecting piping for increased visibility and added safety for the wearer;

·       Chinstrap, for additional retention when the hat risks to fall off;

·       Adjustment for multiple head sizes;

·       Price – It shouldn’t cost more than a regular baseball hat.

Bump cap applications

·       Manufacturing (car makers, factories);

·       Services (commercial deliveries, warehouses);

·       Food (distribution markets, industrial kitchens);

·       Utilities (plumbers, electricians, painters);

·       Agriculture;

·       Weekend warriors.

Honeywell’s new impact-resistant bump cap

Honeywell has launched a new generation of bump caps, designed to provide safety, comfort and design.

"Many workers typically use regular baseball caps due to comfort and style with no basic protection, creating a potential hazard to their health”, says Andres Rivera Cabal, Global Offering Manager at Honeywell. “The main reason is that the typical bump cap designs are not attractive, and workers prefer not to wear them. The new Honeywell baseball-style bump cap design allows them to have complete protection while doing in it in style".

Honeywell Bump Cap’s ultra-soft foam insert is made of Polyurethane, providing extra comfort for long-wear. It weighs only 180g, hence eliminating neck fatigue and increasing productivity. Moreover, its Nylon Mesh panels on the sides provide maximum ventilation, no matter if you work indoors or outside.

Honeywell Bump Cap has been created with a new, classy, sleek design, also providing an excellent field of view. Its short peak brim offers better visibility while protecting against the sun and the rain. Made of waterproof material, it can be reused for a long time, thus reducing costs in your organization.

Learn more about this new head protection solution.