Not just a pink shoe: why female workers should have safety shoes designed for women

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There’s a growing demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) tailored to fit the needs of women in industrial sectors. Nearly 60% of women said their PPE hampers their work while only 29% stated the PPE available to them was specifically designed for women, according to a survey reported by Safety Equipment.1

Women in construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, utilities and transport industries are frequently asked to wear equipment that doesn’t fit correctly. Much of the PPE provided by their employers was reported to be too large and women in the workplace frequently size down.1 However, one size doesn’t fit all. Ill-fitting PPE can increase the chance of injury – especially when it comes to safety footwear.
If women are provided safety boots or shoes that are too large, there’s an increase in the risk of slips, trips and falls. EU-OSHA lists slips, trips and falls as the largest cause of accidents in all sectors. They are the main cause of accidents in the workplace that results in an absence of 3 days or more.2 Safety footwear also protects feet from being struck by falling objects or crushed by heavy equipment.

Have questions about how to select the proper safety footwear for women? Explore some of the features you should consider:


Many manufacturers suggest female workers should wear men's shoes in small sizes. Rather than adjusting the fit and outsoles for women’s feet, they provide protective footwear options that only change elements of the shoe to pink. However, shoes designed for men are not adapted to female foot shape, causing discomfort for women in the workplace.

To help address the need for PPE designed for women, we developed the Honeywell Cocoon Evo safety footwear using customer research and decades of industry experience. This range was built specifically for women’s foot shapes, safety needs and style preferences.


Female workers need to be protected from the risk of slips, trips and falls as well as struck-by or caught-in moving objects, vehicle-related accidents and fires, explosions or electrocutions. Selecting safety footwear for any organization starts with making sure it meets the ISO standard.
We created the Honeywell Cocoon Evo to offer enhanced protection, resistance, stability and shock absorption. This range exceeds safety requirements as it has 34% more impact resistance than the standard requirements.3 Cocoon Evo provides an impact resistance amounting to 18.75, compared to the required level of ≥ 14 mm.3
The stability zone inserted in the outsole controls the foot’s position, maximizing the contact with the floor and increasing overall balance for females while working. The grip zone and the liquid evacuation areas offer anti-slip resistance in most work environments, repelling any liquids or grease that might adhere to the outsole.


With frequent walking and movement on industrial jobsites, durability is an important feature when selecting safety footwear for women. Investing in the Honeywell Cocoon Evo can help your organization save money with an extended lifespan.

The shoes feature innovative wear off indicators, so you won’t have to replace the protective shoes as often. The wear off indicators let you know how long you can benefit from your shoes’ full performance and it lets you know when it’s time for a replacement.


With many workers on their feet for 8+ hours a day, it’s important to provide women with safety footwear that’s comfortable and adapts to their feet. Honeywell Cocoon Evo ensures excellent comfort with a lightweight design as a shoe weighs only 577 grams.3
The shoe is engineered with an outsole specifically designed for a female’s foot with flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) cemented outsole and a lightweight EVA midsole.

Cocoon Evo is made of high-quality materials, including quality leather and premium mesh, which guarantees increased breathability and comfort. The moisture is absorbed by the shoe’s lining and evaporate to keep shoes dry.


Workers should be equipped with safety footwear that increases productivity without distracting from the job at hand. That’s why the Honeywell Cocoon Evo has a textile loop for better slipping on and off and a fast lacing system to help workers get the job done faster. Tying shoelaces can be time-consuming. With a textile loop for better slipping on and off and a fast lacing system, Cocoon Evo shoes provide a great fit, increases work productivity and surpasses the industry safety standards.

Additionally, Cocoon Evo shoes allow DGUV-certified orthopedic insock use. This leads to higher productivity for female workers as it promotes a healthy position when standing, running and walking to help prevent overall muscle fatigue.


Electrostatic discharges (ESD) can cause harmful effects in industrial environments, including explosions in gas, fuel vapor and coal dust, as well as a failure of solid-state electronics components such as integrated circuits. These can suffer permanent damage when exposed to high voltages.

When you move, friction causes an electrostatic charge in your body. Shoes and clothing that are not conductive enough can increase this charge. ESD protective shoes are crucial in situations involving danger of explosion, dissipating charges, thus securing your products and production process.

The Honeywell Cocoon Evo range has five styles that have been designed to comply with the EN 61340-5-1:2016 ESD standard through a special ESD anti-static treatment applied to the sole and insole lining.


A major difference between men’s and women’s safety footwear is the style. Female workers in particular want to wear safety footwear that looks good on their feet. We used customer input from female workers to deliver a safety solution that isn’t too wide and doesn’t look too large on their feet.

Inspired by fashion trends, Cocoon Evo is a fine combination of modernity and traditional shoe-making know-how, born from Honeywell’s deep consideration for women’s needs.

It's said that for ladies, shoes are never enough. Not when it comes to Cocoon Evo. Designed for female feet, comfortable and offering resistance and protection surpassing the standards, Cocoon Evo shoes satisfy women's needs on the job.

Ready to take the next step toward providing women in your workplace with safety footwear designed for them? Learn more about the entire Honeywell Cocoon Evo range.


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