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The retail industry of today is dealing with fast-evolving customer behaviors, which entails the constant need for innovation, and a seamless experience throughout all touchpoints, such as eCommerce, supply chain, and store operations. Hence, Honeywell's retail solutions enable the integration of people, assets, and merchandise in innovative and impactful ways.

  • 1-Stop-Solution for ALL your retail business challenges
  • A Fortune 100 company with more than 100 years of innovation
  • Improve safety, efficiency and accuracy for a diverse group of retail people.
  • Deliver seamless customer experiences by equipping your associates with the right tools
  • Reduce infrastructure costs

Who We Are

Honeywell Industrial Automation (SPS) provides products, software and connected solutions that improve productivity, workplace safety and asset performance for our customers across the globe. We deliver on this promise through industry-leading mobile devices, software, cloud technology and automation solutions, the broadest range of personal protective equipment and gas detection technology, and custom-engineered sensors, switches and controls.


SPS is a strategic business unit of Honeywell, a Fortune 100 technology company that delivers industry specific solutions that include aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings and industry; and performance materials globally. Honeywell technologies help aircraft, buildings, manufacturing plants, supply chains, and workers become more connected to make our world smarter, safer, and more sustainable.

Challenges Faced in Retail Operations Today


  • Workforce expectations continue to rise putting pressure on employers to deliver an improved workplace experience
  • Consumer expectations continue to challenge
  • In-store roles are becoming more comprehensive and specialized


  • Greater need and reliance on data to provide actionable recommendations on consumer behavior and workflow optimization for better output
  • Merging of brick and mortar with eCommerce will continue to drive retail strategies and investment into the future


  • Labor scarcity is driving interest and investment into automation and self-service-based technologies
  • Leveraging behavioral analytics and Artificial Intelligence to inform on tech needs will continue for years
  • Budget allocation to support the ever-changing retail segment is a must

Discover How Our All-in-One Retail Solutions Can Save Your Time and Effort For The Future Of Retail

At Honeywell, we strive to deliver seamless customer experiences by equipping your associates with the right tools.



Handheld Computers

  • Enhance productivity & accuracy
  • Durable & easily carried around
  • Long-lasting and accurate scan engines, they are reliable and can meet critical business needs

Barcode Scanners

  • Improved associate productivity
  • Frictionless customer experiences
  • Able to read barcodes quickly and accurately, even damaged ones no matter how they are presented

RFID Readers

  • Enable virtually 99% inventory accuracy = increased revenue
  • Enhance customer service and loyalty
  • Paired with Honeywell’s award-winning lightweight, touchscreen mobile computers


  • Easy to deploy and maximize return on your investment
  • Portable & long-battery-life
  • Able to withstand punishing field conditions where dirt, moisture, temperature extremes and drops are common

Wearable Scanners

  • Speed frequent scanning tasks, leaving hands free to do the job needed.
  • Advanced compact, ergonomic, high-performance Bluetooth
  • Help businesses streamline high-volume workflows such as picking, sorting, putaway, and packing for increased speed and efficiency with every transaction.

Honeywell Voice Headsets

  • Boosts inventory accuracy to levels up to 99.9%
  • Combines processes to reduce travel time and increase worker productivity by up to 20%
  • Cuts out-of-stocks on shelves by up to 25% with proactive, system-driven restocking for greater shelf availability for a 1% increase in in-store sales



Honeywell Operational Intelligence

Honeywell Operational Intelligence provides actionable insights into critical areas such as mobility devices, printer usage, and network connectivity. These insights can be turned into automated workflows that optimize warehouse processes for greater productivity.

Honeywell Mobility Edge

Mobility Edge platform strengthens security, accelerates deployments, extends the life of your solution, and optimizes business performance. By Mobility Edge is built to enable seamless evolution, allowing supply chain operations to realize even greater efficiency, simplicity and opportunities to innovate and grow with confidence.

Honeywell ScanPal™ 

ScanPal™ is the perfect entry level secure platfor for retailers looking to keep upfront costs low, but ensure they have a strong reliable platform. The ScanPal series promotes the avoidance of using low costs consumer grade devices and gives retailers the ability to have a supported, rugged device without the issues leveraging consumer devices in a retail environment.

Used Cases

POS Traditional & Self Check Out

  • Printer (IHR810)
  • Mobility (RT10Win/Andriod)
  • Scanner (Solaris 7990 & Xenon XP(1952))

POS Traditional & Self Check Out

  • Printer (RP2F/RP4F)
  • Mobility (IH25/45+CT30XP(flex range))
  • Scanner (8675)
  • Voice (GWS with Light weight Headset)

Good return management

  • Printer (PC45)
  • Mobility (EDA5s & EDA10a)
  • Scanner (HF680, IHS320)

Buy Online Pick at Store/ Click and Collect

  • Printer (PC45)
  • Mobility (EDA5s & EDA10a)
  • Scanner (HF680, IHS320)

Queue Busting / Mobile Checkout/Price Markdown

  • Printer (LNX3 & RP2, PD45)
  • Mobility (EDA52 & CT30)
  • Scanner (Genesis 7680)

Our Presence In The Retail Industry

Honeywell commands a significant presence and reach in the retail sector worldwide. Our transformative solutions are being harnessed at scale to help empower retail success.

84 Out Of 100

Global food retailers use voice automated technologies from Honeywell to enhance accuracy and productivity

Top 60 Global Retailers

Rely on Honeywell’s automated material handling solutions​

1 In 4 Retailers

Use Honeywell barcode scanners for workflow productivity

Retail Industry That We Cover


Jewellry Stores




Chain Supermarkets

Why Choose Us

More Than 30 Years In The Retail Industry

Honeywell is the veteran in the retail industry for more than 30 years. Our goal is to help retailers enhance customer and associate experiences throughout the retail environment through digital enablement, leading to more achievable and sustainable growth.

Comprehensive Omnichannel Solutions

Our retail solutions company offers end-to-end omnichannel solutions that seamlessly integrate online and offline channels, providing retailers with a unified and consistent customer experience across all touchpoints.

Cost Efficient With High Product Quality

We leverage cutting-edge analytics and business intelligence tools to provide retailers with valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and sales performance. Our data-driven approach helps retailers make informed decisions and optimize their operations for maximum profitability.

Scalable and Customizable Solutions

Our retail solutions are designed to be scalable and customizable, catering to the unique needs and requirements of each retailer. Not only that, our solutions can adapt and grow alongside the business, ensuring long-term success.

Exceptional Customer Support

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer support and service. Our dedicated support team is available round the clock to address any queries. We believe in establishing long-term partnerships with our clients, supporting them at every step of their retail journey.

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