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Honeywell’s Logistics Solutions are highly customisable and scalable to meet the needs of your business at any stage.

Honeywell Warehouse Management System

While branding and marketing still play an important role for the profitability of products or services, what’s equally crucial these days is the efficiency of the operations and distributions processes of your warehouse. 

To help you boost the accuracy, efficiency and productivity of your warehouse, our highly configurable Honeywell Warehouse Management System is designed with a user-friendly interface that enables you to automate logistics equipment and upstream and downstream systems to deliver the best for you and your customers.

Honeywell Transport Management System

Honeywell Transport Management System is an intelligent and visualised solution that was designed to ensure that you are able to meet the constantly growing supply and product demand of your customers. This comprehensive solution is packed with features that enable you to improve transportation resource management, route planning and optimisation and seamless connection to mobile and WeChat applications.

With Honeywell Transport Management System, you will be able to increase productivity, handle freight and keep up with the constantly changing industry, all while maintaining the standard of customer service.

Honeywell Order Management System

Equip your business and workforce with the tools that will enable them to easily organise orders,  improve overall operational cost-efficiency and ultimately deliver a seamless experience to customers with Honeywell OMS.

This solution provides you and your team with a centralised method to manage orders from all channels. When integrated with our Warehouse Management System, you will also gain multi-channel order allocation management as well as multi-sector collaboration.

Honeywell Data Exchange Platform (Datahub)

Data has now become an important asset to most businesses. Businesses that make full use of the data they have acquired are able to overcome most challenges and improve the services they provide to their customers. However, when your business expands, so does the amount of data, which you gain across multiple channels via different systems and platforms. Managing this data can turn into a massive challenge.

That’s where Honeywell Datahub comes in. This data exchange platform aims to help your business streamline data exchange and integration between multiple systems by building an upstream and downstream communication collaboration. With it, not only will it only improve your supply chain efficiency but also makes the data collected easier to manage.

Perfect For

Learn how our solutions have helped customers in various industries achieve warehouse efficiency.

Steady supply chain and unified store operations.

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Enabling e-commerce customers to achieve desired order/day .

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Maintain inventory accuracy of 99.9%, abiding standards.

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Improving accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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Inventory visibility and streamlining logistical operations.

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Standardize Online and Offline operations, coordinating operations.

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Cold and Fresh

Flexible and integrated management of inventory.

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Why Choose Honeywell Logistics Solutions?

Flexible & Scalable

Our platform-based system is ideal for businesses of any size, at any stage as it can be configured for workflows, processes and reporting without the need for source code.

Full Compatibility

Our Logistics Solutions can easily be fully integrated with all existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms, market-platforms, vendor systems and databases.


Customisation, implementation and support of projects are personally managed by us. This includes a rigorous Quality Assurance Program (QAP) through our Project Management Office (PMO).

User Friendly

Easy navigation within our software solutions with user-friendly user experience.

Cloud Data Warehouse

Easily track and manage inventory and shipments with a centralised management.

Leading Technology Architecture

Leveraging top-notch Cloud architecture with enhanced security and data verification.

Experience the next level of warehouse efficiency


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