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Honeywell is a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment designed to meet the specific safety requirements of law enforcement customers.

Our products include ballistic eyewear, specialty hearing protection for impact noise, intelligent hearing and communication systems, CBRN respiratory products, and protective footwear.

Our full facepiece respirators and CBRN SCBAs were developed specifically for first responders in tactical, CBRN and riot control situations to provide respiratory protection from specific chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents.

Real-time access to vital information is critical in criminal justice applications, and wee empower law enforcement with essential on-site data through our wireless devices. In addition, we offer effective fleet management to the armed forces, fire, police, sanitation and parks departments. We help you predict and schedule maintenance – and much more – with our integrated solutions.

SARMaster 600 Advanced Search and Rescue  

SARMaster 600 is an advanced search and rescue (SAR) incident management system offering extensive SAR planning tools used to coordinate all SAR efforts in a single control center view.

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