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Ensuring safety in the lab

By nature, a chemical-prone environment exposes workers to multiple health and safety hazards, such as toxic gases, solvents, UV radiation, formaldehyde, dust, loud noise, liquid splashes, and sprays and many more. These can cause respiratory infections, eye and face injuries, repetitive motion disorders, skin irritations, chemical burns, or long-term hearing loss. 

The production of pharmaceuticals also requires a carefully maintained, sterile working environment.  

Pharmaceutical PPE Solutions

As a manufacturer of specialty chemical solutions, we understand your needs. 

We offer a variety of products that ensure adequate chemical protection, including chemical-resistant gloves, respiratory protection, eye and face protection, coveralls and footwear. 

Our gas detection systems are built to detect hazardous substances before they can cause harm. 

Furthermore, our chemical container labeling solutions ensure clear communication of potential hazards and recommended handling procedures. They satisfy international regulations for marking durability and design consistency. 

Honeywell BW™ Ultra

The Honeywell BW™ Ultra is a five-gas detector from Honeywell that is designed specifically for sampling and monitoring confined spaces, before and after entry.

7600 Series Full Facepiece
The most comfortable mask available. Double flange sealing area made from medical grade silicone for a comfortable fit and optimum facepiece to face seal.

1D Barcode Scan Engines
Honeywell OEM scan engines deliver top-of-the-line 1D data capture technologies to meet the needs of manufacturers with a wide variety of barcode scanning applications.

Decoder Boards
Decoder boards provide ease of integration with Honeywell 2D barcode scan engines.

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