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Inbound Handling Hero Image

Inbound Handling

Reduce Receiving Time and Labor Costs With Advanced Dock Unloading Solutions

Efficient inbound handling processes are essential for running productive and profitable manufacturing and distribution operations. Whether you are receiving raw materials, inventory for replenishment purposes or returned merchandise, you need inbound logistics solutions that streamline your ability to integrate these essential materials into your facility. Honeywell Intelligrated combines advanced material handling solutions with smart software to reduce the time, labor costs associated with inbound processing.


Cross-docking refers to the process of unloading inbound materials from a semi-truck trailer and loading these materials directly into an outbound workflow while minimizing handling or storage requirements. Not only does this help expedite and streamline order fulfillment, shipping and delivery, it also helps reduce labor and inventory costs.

Honeywell Intelligrated provides sortation and conveyor systems that immediately route inbound cases to the appropriate outbound destinations, whether that’s dock doors, containers or pallet build locations. We utilize a combination of material handling equipment and warehouse execution software to create best-fit solutions for efficient cross-docking operations.

  • Pallet conveyors
  • Transportation conveyors
  • Accumulation conveyors
  • Full range of sortation systems for various containers and throughput targets
  • Momentum™ WES


Successful manufacturing, distribution and fulfillment operations start with effective receiving practices. From the moment inventory arrives at the dock, it’s imperative to make it available quickly in either a storage buffer area or its ultimate location in a warehouse, facility or DC. Receiving operations are typically dictated by the combination of a facility’s infrastructure and the business’ fulfillment requirements; each facility and organization has unique circumstances and objectives.

The most optimal receiving strategies balance these factors through the seamless mix of material handling equipment, automated processes and warehouse execution systems to coordinate work. Honeywell Intelligrated provides solutions to streamline every step of a receiving operation, enabling accurate, efficient process execution and ensuring that inventory is ready and in its expected storage locations.

  • Automated truck unloading systems
  • Pallet conveyors
  • Depalletizer solutions
  • Accumulation conveyors
  • Sortation conveyors
  • Laser barcode readers
  • Barcode-reading cameras

Carton identification

A key step in any receiving operation is the induction process, which requires the ability to uniquely identify cartons, boxes, cases or polybags for induction into inventory. Induction into a distribution and fulfillment system typically occurs when product is unloaded from an inbound truck. There, barcode readers and cameras scan the universal product code (UPC) symbol on the package, request routing information from the warehouse execution system, and route inbound inventory to their correct locations.

The ability to accurately read UPC codes is critical to the induction process. Depending on the receiving operation, the UPC code can be unique or representative of a product type, product family or a specific SKU number. Common barriers to accurate barcode scanning include:

  • Smudged, damaged, hidden, covered or inaccessible barcodes
  • Insufficient product spacing on the conveyor, making it difficult to locate UPCs
  • High conveyor speeds that don’t allow ample time to read the barcodes

Unfortunately, these challenges lead to poor read rates, which can result in inventory inaccuracies and throughput throttling. Honeywell Intelligrated solves these problems with a combination of advanced barcode reading and accumulation conveyor technologies, including:

  •  Zero-pressure, accumulation conveyors
  • Laser barcode readers
  • Barcode-reading cameras
  • Warehouse execution systems

Through expert consultation and the combination of these solutions, we’re able to achieve industry-leading read rate accuracies of 99 percent.