Horizontal Distribution Conveyors

Transport, Divert, Transfer and Create Gaps With High-speed Sorting Solutions


With the help of the Transnorm Horizontal Distribution Conveyors, high-performance, highly configurable, energy-efficient sorting solutions are achieved. In conjunction with destination tracks arranged on either one side or both sides, coupled with upstream Timing Conveyors for gap formation, a complete sorting solution is quickly achievable.

Fully Electrical Swivel Wheels and Lift-up Roller Transfers have set new standards across multiple industries with regards to performance, accuracy and efficiency. As a result, even sophisticated loads can be conveyed safely at high speed.


SmartSort® Swivel Wheel Conveyor – TS 4800

High outfeed and sorting performance with Transnorm SmartSort® Swivel Wheel Conveyor

The TS 4800 SmartSort® Swivel Wheel Conveyor is a modular discharging conveyor with electrical swivel bars and central drive. The small roller pitch of the swivel roller bars, combined with the extremely short swivel cycles, enable highly dynamic distribution of up to 6,000 units/hour.

Typical applications are of packaged goods with lengths exceeding 100 millimeters, whereby the bottom surface of the material conveyed can be extremely varied or undefined. As a result, even light non-rigid loads can be conveyed safely at high speed – from shipping bags or small boxes, through plastic containers and trays with waffle bottoms onto car tires. An additional advantage is the careful load handling, moving through the module without touching the guide elements on either side.

Transnorm SmartSort® Swivel Wheel Conveyors provide the following benefits:

  • Precise, high sorting performance - no slippage between load and conveyor surface
  • Particularly careful handling of fragile loads
  • Handles the most challenging light, non-rigid loads
  • Electrical swivel wheels
  • Uniformly high-power transfer on the rollers
  • Low-noise operation


SmartSort® LineSplitter

Transnorm SmartSort® LineSplitter - Dividing lines reliably in the high-performance range

The Transnorm SmartSort® LineSplitter is a standardised industrial solution for end users and integrators from the parcel and distribution industry seeking high-performance line distribution.  It’s range of capacity is classified above standard outfeed solutions like Pushers, Timing Lifting Belts and Flight bars yet below classic sorter solutions.

An application example may include but are not limited to; loads from one conveyor line (either by special criteria or quantity) can be sorted to two or 3 destinations. 

Diverse load profiles including dispatch courier bags or smaller cardboard boxes can be transported reliably, with peak performance of up to 6,000 loads/hour. Moreover, considerably reduced distances between the individual parcels are possible as a result of the extremely low line switching times. Another advantage lies in gentle product handling: The goods being conveyed pass through the LineSplitter without making contact with lateral guide elements.

The Transnorm SmartSort® LineSplitter offers the following benefits:

  • High-performance line splitting even with diverse, sensitive loads
  • Greatly reduced gaps between the loads thanks to extremely low switching times
  • Gentle product handling
  • Extremely compact with no projecting components
  • Can be adapted optionally to alternating splitting tasks


SmartSort® Line Crossing Unit

Transnorm SmartSort® - Crossing and merging lines or diverting lines in the high-performance segment

Whenever loads that must flow at high speed and with accuracy need to be crossed and/or diverted, Transnorm SmartSort® Line merging or crossing units is an ideal solution. This standardized unit means an end to bottlenecks – instead agile electrical swivel bars mean short switching times so cardboard boxes, bins and other diverse loads can be accurately distributed to the correct onward line with only small gaps between neighboring loads.

Transnorm SmartSort® Line Crossing Units provides the following benefits:

  • Crossing or merging operations in the high-performance segment even with sensitive goods to be conveyed
  • Goods to be transported can be relocated in the right position on the destination conveyor in parallel
  • Very low clearances between successive pieces of goods to be conveyed by individual control of the swivel bars and shortest switching times
  • Can be optionally adapted to alternating conveyance tasks
  • Extremely compact with no projecting components


Roller Function Conveyor – TS 2800

High outfeed and sorting performance with Transnorm Roller Function Conveyor with central drive

A flexible, configurable roller function characterised by simple and robust design and construction; for the conveyance of boxes, bins and containers.  With the help of extremely high levels of sorting performance, it can be implemented in an energy-efficient manner.

The basic version of the TS 2800 is a roller conveyor driven by a flat belt. The possibility of integrating outward transfer segments whenever desired makes it the ideal sorting line for packaged goods and a weight load up to 50 kg/m.  Swivel or vertical lift roller bars may be configured with respect to the arrangement and number of rollers to meet the requirements of specific applications.


Transnorm roller function conveyors with a central drive provide the following benefits:

  • High sorting performance with a high degree of energy efficiency (e.g. 1 drive for 10 metres of conveyor route and seven outfeed stations)
  • Precise and subsequent adaptation to loads is easily possible as and when desired
  • Uniformly high-power transfer on the rollers
  • Extremely low-noise operation
  • Optional fully electrical Swivel Wheels or Lift-up Roller Transfers


Roller Function Conveyors 24V – TS 2730

Transnorm Roller Function Conveyors with roller drive - Flexible and efficient sorting solution for Intralogistics

Transnorm TS 2730 roller function conveyors are based on 24V technology and offer flexible and efficient options for sorting solutions with throughput capacities of up to 1,800 loads/h. In combination with outfeed conveyors, complete order-picking and shipping departments can be equipped, as well as incoming/outgoing goods zones. No-pressure accumulation enables the transport of sensitive loads and various box qualities.

Transnorm Roller Function Conveyors with roller drive provide the following benefits:

  • Standardised, economical solution
  • Complete reversibility
  • Compact, flat design and construction
  • Driven via motorised rollers (24V technology)
  • Requiring only low installed electric power
  • Low wear and tear, maintenance-friendly
  • Extremely low-noise operation
  • Subsequent adjustments can be made quickly and easily
  • Optional electrical lift-up roller transfer


Lift-up Roller Transfer – TS 2733

Transnorm Lift-up Roller Transfer - A powerful and economical standard module

This fully electrical, lift-up roller transfer is a powerful and economical standard module for sorting and distribution based on 24V technology. In systems with medium throughput capacities up to 1,800 loads/h, standardized goods such as bins, trays, boxes or loads with a flat-bottomed surface are suitable for roller conveyors and can be diverted at a 90-degree angle in opposite directions.

Due to its modular and compact design, without any external interference contours; the roller transfer conveyor can be easily integrated into existing systems and combined with various roller conveyors. Even retrofitted adaptations after changes in environment or tasks can be economically achieved through the variable number (minimum 2) and arrangement of the roller tracks.

Transnorm Lift-up Roller Transfer offers the following benefits:

  • Standardised, economical solution for infeeding and outfeeding capacity of up to 1,800 loads/h
  • Low wear and tear, maintenance-friendly
  • Compact, flat design without external interference contours
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Also allows custom retrofitting to the size of conveyor goods
  • Drive via motor-driven rolls (diverter with 24V technology)
  • Electrical lift-up
  • Safe and efficient
  • Option of diverting in opposite directions
  • Complete reversibility

Horizontal Distribution Conveyor