Smart Flexible Depalletizer

Increase Depalletizing Throughput at Lower Operational Costs

The tough job of breaking down pallets, one of the most common operational bottlenecks in distribution centers (DCs), has finally met its match in the smart flexible depalletizer. Sophisticated machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), plus advances in perception and gripping technologies, enable this fully automated solution to handle a continuous flow of mixed-SKU or single-SKU pallets — in any sequence or pattern — without requiring pre-programming or operator intervention.

The robot’s consistent, predictable performance increases depalletizing rates while freeing up labor from repetitive, injury-prone tasks. An intuitive user interface (UI) eases operation with minimal training. In addition, the solution simplifies management and lowers your logistics costs by allowing you to schedule teams more accurately and improving visibility into how your resources are used.

Features and Benefits

  • Increases throughput by picking multiple items simultaneously when possible
  • Constant pallet mode automatically increases throughput when handling consistent layers or pallets
  • Handles pallets up to 8' tall when layers above 72" are built with consistent SKUs
  • Automatic speed adjustment ensures safe handling of items up to 80 lbs. without pre-programming
  • Automatic height adjustment optimizes speed and motion paths
  • Box on ground detection determines when the robot can safely retrieve a box that has fallen onto the floor, reducing uptime interruptions when handling unstable pallets
  • Automatically detects and handles slip sheets
  • Empty pallet detection activates automated feed or signals manual change-outs

Flexible configurations, backed by a wide range of supporting automation options, make it easy to seamlessly integrate automated depalletizers into your existing workflows.

The depalletizing robot can also work in conjunction with pallet conveyance autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), enabling maximum flexibility in the smallest possible footprint. Incorporating AMRs allows continuous operation of the system while providing the flexibility to stage pallets and empty stacks virtually anywhere the robot is capable of traveling.

Honeywell Intelligrated provides the smart flexible depalletizer as a complete turnkey system, including safety risk assessments on all deployments. Alternative financing options are available to lower your capital expenses and other barriers to entry while giving you more ways to control costs.

Smart Flexible Depalletizers