Drive agility into your operations

Omni-Channel Order Management and Docking with Multiple Platforms

Enhance inventory management and information transparency and gain network inventory sharing for rational use for inventory.

Auto Consolidate and Split Order

Optimise order process and handle massive orders with automated splitting and consolidation according to preset rules.

Match Warehouse and Carrier Express Automatically

Improve order processing efficiency via rational use of warehousing and carrier express resources.

Collaboration Between Multiple Departments and Multiple Roles

Improve operational effectiveness and collaboration between multiple departments.


Streamline Order Fulfilment
  • Exemption strategy / Consolidation strategy / Split strategy / Transfer strategy
  • Shipping strategy / Out of stock transfer strategy / Out of stock release strategy
  • Portfolio strategy / Inventory dispatching strategy
Increase Warehouse Efficiency
  • Distance priority / Area priority / Inventory priority
  • SKU priority / Multi-Item priority
  • Area detection / inventory detection
Improve Member Retention
  • Membership ranking / Accumulation / Stop / Membership / Gift when assumption above
  • Gift will double upon purchase / Area / Combination / Priority / Keyword / Limit
Redefine Courier Service
  • Minimum shipping / Volume judgment / Weight judgment
  • Multi-items designation / SKU designation
  • Membership marketing / Store designation
Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Prevent batch off shelves / Differential synchronisation configuration
  • Shop synchronisation ratio setting / Package ratio configuration
  • SKU synchronisation ratio setting / Inventory limit alert configuration
  • Pre-sales synchronisation setting / Inventory sharing configuration
Build Effective Business Intelligence Analysis
  • Merchandise sales ranking / Store sales summary / Platform sales summary
  • Warehouse sales summary / City sales ranking / Provincial sales ranking shop price comparison / Slow-moving goods/ Pre-sale KPI / After-sales KPI / Settlement KPI
  • Return registration KPI / Return processing KPI / Warehouse delivery KPI / Express delivery KPI

Experience the next level of warehouse efficiency