Consolidate your fleet and freight management

Intelligent Transportation Dispatching and Storage Management

Reduce logistic operations cost and improve dispatch effectiveness and transportation utilisation.

Order Execution and Transportation Process Visualisation

Intuitive dashboard to view real-time updates for order executions and operational data.


Transportation Process Management

Improve overall transportation efficiency with on-the-road tracking, route optimisation and more.


Collaborate with Upstream and Downstream System

Increase overall efficiency and collaboration of the logistics chain with seamless connection to upstream and downstream systems.


Integrate with Various Logistic Devices

Collect operational data in real-time and meet specific industries management requirements..


Establish Business Rules
  • System configuration / List configuration
  • Dispatching rules / Tracking rules / Push messages
  • Bulletin board management / Timer
Streamline Order Processes
  • Obtain the purchase order / Order review
  • Order query / Orders split
Streamline Order Processes
  • Delivery scheduling / Trunkline scheduling
  • Intracity scheduling / Wave matching
Plan, Monitor & Manage Using Execution Tracker
  • Loading /Ship confirming / Tracking on the way
  • Arrival receipt / Unload and inbound / Receipt management
  • Exception management / Image preservation
Gain Insights to Patterns & Trends with Statistical Analysis
  • On-time delivery (JIT) rate / Non-defective rate by receiving / Staffing rate
  • Vehicle load / Transportation cost index
  • Customer satisfaction / Carrier assessment
  • UDF (User Defined Function) query / UDF report
Automate Billing Processes
  • Rate of billing setting / Bill of cost / Receipt
  • Check and write off the bill / Cost review
  • Account receivable / Accounts payabl

Experience the next level of warehouse efficiency