Optimise your warehouse with these features

Highly Integrated System

Seamless integration with existing external WMS and hardware.

Cloud Data Warehouse

Easily track and manage inventory and shipments with a centralised management.

Leading Technology Architecture

Leveraging top-notch Cloud architecture with enhanced security and data verification.

Highly Configurable

Tailor-made to suit your warehouse and operational needs.


Optimise Inbound Processes

  • Purchase order / Advance ship notice
  • Receive / Putaway / Quality control
  • Exceptional receipt handling / Receipt cancel

Comprehensive Inventory Management

  • Inventory balance / Inventory transaction
  • Inventory movement / Transfer
  • Inventory adjustment / Hold / Release
  • Cycle count

Streamline Outbound Process

  • Shipping order / Wave planning
  • Pre-sort / Sorting / Picking
  • Outbound review / SKU review / Wave review
  • Delivery order / Ship / Packing list/ Loading list / Delivery release list
  • Consolidated goods / Exceptional picking handling / Shipment cancel

Maximise Efficiencies with Task Management

  • Task management / Replenishment task
  • Archive management / BGO query
  • Miscellaneous job management
  • Putaway task / Picking task

Experience the next level of warehouse efficiency