BasicTE for Android

Terminal Emulation Software for Honeywell Handheld or Vehicle-Mounted Computers


When you don’t need the added benefits of SmartTE software, choose BasicTE terminal emulation software for Honeywell handheld or vehicle-mounted computers. BasicTE software is a proven terminal emulation client application for your Android-based Honeywell mobile computers and vehicle-mounted computers. With its simple “green screen” terminal emulation, BasicTE software connects your mobile workers to a variety of backend terminal environments. It helps you improve productivity, reduce errors and get a fast return on your investment.

To make it easier to use and manage your applications, BasicTE terminal emulation software features a common menu structure and consistent user interface (UI). You’ll also benefit from the software’s support for multiple sessions. Switch between up to four different sessions without the need to log out and re-launch each time.

Key Features


  • Supports major emulation protocols, so you can leverage your existing WMS investment.

Improves Productivity

  • Empowers more robust operations thanks to support for multiple sessions and session persistence. 


  • Industry-leading terminal emulation performance enhances the operator experience. 


  • Enables security compliance via enhanced, secure communications.  


  • Reduces your operational costs with remote management and configuration capability. 

Annual Maintenance

  • Minimizes your support costs, keeping you updated with the latest releases and upgrades. The plan is easy to buy and easy to use. 

For more about what your business can accomplish with BasicTE, contact us today.