Mobility SDK for Windows

Build Cutting-Edge JavaScript Applications That Provide Extended Data Collection Functionality


Build innovative applications for Honeywell computers, printers, and RFID that incorporate the latest mobile, communication and data collection technologies. The Honeywell Mobility Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows® gives you the tools and resources you need to take time and complexity out of developing your applications.

Key Features

  • For C/C++, C#, VB.NET, Java and web development
  • Leverage existing expertise in standard development environments like Visual Studio
  • Supplements standard tools to provide run-time control of Honeywell computers, barcode readers, printers, and RFID features
  • Sample code, documentation, and utilities to speed development 
  • Protects your code from hardware revisions to reduce code rework
  • Consistent operation across supported Honeywell Windows products so you can focus on meeting business needs instead of dealing with differences between devices
  • The list of Resource Kits includes: Data Collection, Device, Communication, Bluetooth, Mobile Printing, RFID Integration, Device Management and Mobile Gadgets


To download the Mobility SDK for Windows, visit the Technical Support Portal

For more information about what your business can accomplish with the Mobility SDK for Windows, contact us today. 

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