Honeywell VoiceLink™

Supports Near Real-Time Processing Via Web-Based Middleware


Honeywell VoiceLink is an enterprise connector for DCs that need a middleware solution or whose host WMS requires it. VoiceLink is the result of 25+ years of experience in thousands of voice applications on six continents.

Beginning with the 3.0 release, VoiceLink is the first software application in the voice industry that works through a modern, open-source technology architecture to drive process improvements for both Operations and IT. 

• Supports near real-time processing via web-based middleware 

• A complete middleware application that supports multiple “out of the box” workflows  

• Provides rapid implementation and ROI 

• Completely configurable and adaptable  

• More than 400,000 configuration options to choose from 

• Helps minimize support complexities and the costs associated with managing disparate systems  

• Supports numerous DC workflows and tasks 

• Available in over 20 languages  

• Provides industry-leading web architecture 

• Integrates with virtually any WMS or host system  

• Provides equal performance in one or multiple locations

Key Features

  • Reduce Complexities and Cost

Helps minimize the support complexities and costs associated with managing disparate systems.

  • Business-Critical Data to Your Device

Delivers timely, business-critical information (alerts and/or dashboards with charts) to a supervisor’s smartphone or tablet. 

  • Quick and Easy to Implement

Quickly and easily implement voice-directed applications and provide access to information to manage discrepancies as they occur.

  • Get Your WMS Speaking to Your DC

Honeywell Voice solutions open a dynamic dialog between your DC operations and your WMS/ERP or inventory management system. 


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