EasyBCBP TotalFreedom Software Plug-in


Improve airport security and efficiency with the EasyBCBP™ identity verification scanning plug-in for Honeywell Xenon XP 1950 and 1952 scanners. The EasyBCBP plug-in ensures you capture only the data you need from the 2D barcodes on printed and mobile boarding passes. Use it for passenger check-in and boarding, security screening and more.

Key Features

Simplifies Identity Verification

EasyBCBP eliminates the guesswork by using the 2D barcode data on printed or mobile boarding passes to confirm that a passenger is actually the person in question. 

Eliminates Costly Data Entry Errors

EasyBCBP eliminates costly errors by replacing manually entered data with data extracted from 2D barcodes found on printed or mobile boarding passes. 

Easy to Integrate

EasyBCBP is installed directly on the scanner. There’s no need to make costly and time-consuming changes to the host system.


EasyBCBP can be pre-installed on any Xenon XP 1950 and 1952 area-imaging scanners when you place order. 

Product Details

When you enhance a Xenon XP 1950 or 1952 area-imaging scanner with EasyBCBP, you’ve taken an important step toward providing improved airport security and increased efficiency.

EasyBCBP readies your personnel to quickly confirm the identity of airport patrons. Simply scan the 2D barcode found on a patron’s printed or mobile boarding pass. The EasyBCBP software parses the necessary barcode data so your staff member can identify each patron and speed them on their way.

EasyBCBP software simplifies and streamlines a variety of 2D barcode scanning applications, including:

• Passenger check-in
• Passenger boarding
• Security screening
• Club lounge entry
• Duty-free store entry

And because EasyBCBP software is installed directly on the scanner, it eliminates the need for your host system software to process the encoded information contained within 2D barcodes. You can have EasyBCBP software pre-installed on Xenon XP 1950 or 1952 imagers when you order. 

EasyBCBP software is powered by our TotalFreedom™ open-system architecture – created to enable development for Honeywell scanners.

Improve your airport security and efficiency when scanning boarding passes. Add EasyBCBP software to your Xenon XP 1950 or 1952 scanners. 

EasyBCBP TotalFreedom Software Plug-in