Guided Work for Retail

Guided Work for the Seamless Retail Experience

Perfect Customer Experiences in Store, Every Time

Today’s brick-and-mortar retail operations must deliver on customers’ increasing demand for seamless, error-free eCommerce services with reduced staff in a hyper-competitive and continuously evolving landscape. Honeywell’s Guided Work for Retail is a leading solution to retailers’ emerging challenges. With Guided Work for Retail, brick-and-mortar retailers can leverage integrated, data-driven process efficiencies while strengthening customer loyalty and gaining a competitive edge.

Voice-directed technology allows store associates to work eyes-free and hands-free as they accomplish a variety of tasks more accurately, efficiently and productively — while remaining available to assist customers as needed. Guided Work for Retail instructs store associates — equipped with a lightweight, comfortable headset — via audible directions confirmed verbally by the wearer. It directs associates through specific workflows and tasks to drive new levels of process efficiency and consistency, as well as providing much clearer metrics into day-to-day operations. 

Faster, More Accurate Click-and-Collect Workflows 

With the uptick in consumer demand for click-and-collect fulfillment, Guided Work for Retail helps deliver on customer expectations for an accurate order, ready for pickup within a promised time frame — often within next- and same-day fulfillment windows. The system utilizes text-to-speech technology that directs and tracks picking tasks to meet service level agreements and maximize labor productivity. A typical click-and-collect grocery order includes up to 50 items for a purchase total of up to $200; it’s in retailers’ best interests to fill these orders as quickly and accurately as possible. 

Using traditional, paper-based pick lists, it can typically take an associate one hour to pick the items required in a click-and-collect order. By replacing paper with Honeywell Voice technology, retailers can improve that same associate’s productivity by 35%. Store managers can elect to leverage the time savings by reallocating workers to other, value-added activities, or have them fill more orders in the same amount of time. A store that’s used to processing 20 click-and-collect orders per day by paper can pick 25 orders with Guided Work for Retail in the same time frame, increasing revenue by $1,000. Extrapolating that performance increase across a week, month and year enables a store to realize a significant increase in click-and-collect revenue.

Applicable to Multiple Store Workflows

The Guided Work for Retail solution can be applied across a range of store operations and workflows to drive process efficiencies and cost savings: 

  • Order fulfillment, such as in-store, click-and-collect picking and returns processing

  • Store operations, including gap scanning, restocking, load-to-cart replenishment, stock counting, training, labor accountability, staffing and combined processes

  • Compliance tasks like planogram auditing and annual stock counts

Guided Work for Retail Benefits

Guided Work for Retail delivers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Boosts inventory accuracy to levels up to 99.9%

  • Combines processes to reduce travel time and increase worker productivity by up to 20%

  • Improves overall productivity by up to 35%

  • Maximizes efficiency, accuracy and speed in click-and-collect order fulfillment 

  • Cuts out-of-stocks on shelves by up to 25% with proactive, system-driven restocking for greater shelf availability for a 1% increase in in-store sales

  • Increases visibility and predictability into order fulfillment processes and labor efficiency

  • Speeds training of new employees while ensuring they can find and restock items quickly and accuracy

For more about what your business can accomplish with Honeywell Guided Work for Retail, contact us today.