Safety Suite Real Time

Software for enhanced worker protection
This software application monitors workers’ exposure to gas, weather, and physiological conditions in real time. It also relays data from your fleet of wireless monitors to a centralized system for a comprehensive view of worker safety.

Choose the right product depending on your industry and use case.

Safety Suite Real Time

Highly configurable, feature-rich software designed for plant customers that allows safety managers to remotely monitor safety of workers & assets, collaborate and make real-time decisions.

The latest software release version is v1.9.1.

Safety Suite Responder

Simplified software optimized for first responders that allows incident commanders to remotely monitor safety of their team, collaborate and make real-time decisions.

The latest software release version is v1.9.1.

Available either as a cloud offering or as an on-premise software

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Cloud Software

Use of the links below depending on your region to try  the software.

* For Safety Suite Responder, make sure to select “Emergency Services” as your Industrial Segment


On-premise Software

Not interested in cloud software - looking for a local deployment. Use the links below to download the appropriate software. After downloading the software, access your local install and request a trial account using the trial link.

Mobile Application to Connect your BLE Enabled Gas Detectors

Safety Communicator

Safety Communicator (SC) is an app for both industrial-grade and non-industrial-grade smartphones. Available for both Android and iOS phones, it enables real-time communication between a worker’s personal safety instruments and a remote monitoring system. The phone and app act as a personal communication hub for a worker, which collects instrument readings and alarms from instruments over Bluetooth (BLE) or Wi-Fi and transmits in real time to a remote system over a 3G/4G cellular communication network. To further promote worker safety, the app also transmits a worker’s information and location to the remote system, which allows safety managers to quickly react and provide necessary assistance in case of an emergency.


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