Rebuild Your Sortation System to Like New Condition 

Sortation systems are essential for meeting daily customer service levels in distribution and fulfillment (D&F) operations. But inevitably, after years of service, sortation systems will gradually experience declining performance levels, which can disrupt throughput rates and detract from other key performance indicators (KPIs). Over time, operators often accept these emerging limitations and create process workarounds that are both costly and inefficient.

As is often the case, when these problems accumulate to the point that operations are significantly impaired, many facility managers think their only option is to install a new system. But making a large capital investment in a new sortation system is not the only remedy available for this all-too-common problem.

What if you could restore your existing sortation system at a fraction of the cost of installing an all-new system? With the sortation system engineers from Honeywell Intelligrated, you can. Our experienced teams of experts can evaluate your current system, replace key components, add modern enhancements, and rebuild your sorter to a “like new” state within only a matter of days.

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