Manufacturing company partners with Honeywell Logistics Solutions to improve quality of life systems tremendously

Our customer provides consumers with holistic power connection solutions through innovative technology, smart products and quality services. Established in 1995, they are the largest electrician group in China for the development, production, and marketing for high-end switch sockets and converters.

Today, they currently have a general factory in Ningbo, two converter factories, one digital factory, one LED factory, and one hardware factory. The logistics system includes one general warehouse (Automated Storage and Retrieval System [ASRS] Warehouse), two converter warehouses, one digital warehouse, and two e-commerce  warehouses – one focused on the Business to Business sector and one for the consumer market.

What were our customer’s requirements?

Our customer required a new solution to support multiple types of logistics distribution. This is where Honeywell WMS came in to help optimise their entire business system and also supported the raw material delivery requirements along with Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP], Manufacturing Execution System [MES] Software integration such as Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Transport Management System (TMS), and Order Management System, (OMS). The system is fully linked to all warehouse operational systems to achieve the maximum coordination efficiency in the overall supply chain.

On top of supporting the finished goods warehouse, Honeywell WMS also supported the distribution and e-commerce business, and the raw material continuous production business logistics of our customers.

How did we meet our customer’s order?

Honeywell WMS was able to maximise the overall supply chain management efficiency by creating a multiple connection interface with upstream and downstream software such as ERP, MES, SRM, TMS, OMS. Flexible WMS and ERP systems interfaces were able to interact in real time, which provided our customers with accurate inventory data for sales, which in turn improved their overall warehouse operations.

Additionally, since our customer had their Automated Warehouse that used ASRS, automated sorting lines, hoists and other equipment with a transition area that also uses AGV trolleys to distribute materials, Honeywell WMS was able to integrate all these devices and provide the operation instructions. With this, the WMS schedules and coordination of equipment tasks improved the warehouse inventory tremendously.

Honeywell SRM was implemented to improve the supply chain coordination, by collecting upstream suppliers packing information to proceed to put-away after stock receiving, which helped eliminate the internal packaging process. With the information being transferred to the WMS by using the system interface.  This improved the information flow efficiency, which greatly improved the logistics management performance.