Honeywell Logistics Solutions Warehouse Management System central to leading logistics enterprise rapid growth

Established in 1993, our customer is one of the leading enterprises in the logistics industry with main operations in domestic and international courier services as well as supply chain management.

In 2013, they began to provide professional supply chain management solutions to the e-commerce apparel industry. The following year, our customer launched its warehousing network strategy and began to build more than 80 standard warehouses within more than 30  medium to large modernised cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan and Chengdu.

2 years later, they announced the launch of their “Warehousing Network Era” with the completion of its nationwide E-commerce Warehousing and Distribution System. The system consists of seven Regional Distribution Centres (RDC) and 53 ancillary warehouses that consisted of more than ten thousand terminals which covered up to 2,500 districts and counties in China.

Our customer’s warehousing network now covers 90% of the cities in China, which enables them to complete whole delivery processes within 24 hours. The network is also able to handle 1.2 million orders daily.

What were our customer’s requirements?

Due to its wide coverage, our customer required a solution that enabled its offices in Shenzhen timely control over various business segments and the warehousing network’s status, as well as control of safety and investment cost. They wanted to have a centralised deployment. The system server and database for each sub-warehouse are based in the Shenzhen office, with the sub-warehouses having access to the servers.

Secondly, they required a solution that provided them with a customisable workflow for different business processes. This is due to their storage and distribution strategy which are established in multiple warehouses in China and provide localised, integrated warehousing and distribution services for local e-commerce businesses.

Moreover, as their main customers are e-commerce operators, many of them participate in the annual China Singles Day promotional event. During this peak operating period, the number of orders increases drastically, with e-commerce operators under a lot of pressure to process the orders quickly and ship them out as soon as possible to ensure customers have a good shopping experience.

Finally, they also requested that we provide them with an in-depth training session so that they would be able to implement Honeywell Logistics Solutions Warehouse Management System (HLS WMS) with minimal supervision. With the training, they would have IT personnel that could undertake operations themselves based on the experience gained, and training provided by us.

How did we meet our customer’s order?

In the end, our customer chose HLS WMS as their primary solution for its e-commerce logistics centre. We were able to meet their deployment deadline and provide them with a highly efficient, feature-packed and user-friendly WMS. Our team was able to fully optimise the system to meet our customer’s strict requirements and was able to provide a safe, stable and efficient system to support their business requirements.

The project involved 22 warehouses covering 46 e-commerce operators in more than 10 different industries and connected with over 10 external e-commerce operators’ Order Management Systems. HLS WMS now supports four major business operations for our customer namely: e-commerce warehousing and distribution, overseas warehouse for cross-border e-commerce, cold storage and transportation, and warehousing operations for e-commerce industry parks.

With HLS WMS, they are able to provide services to hundreds of local and foreign e-commerce operators in dozens of industry segments including apparels, electronics, daily consumer goods and fresh produce.

Equipped with this powerful and versatile WMS, our customer is able to provide support for more than 40 different branded e-commerce customers during the China Singles Day by handling up to 8 million orders.

Finally, as HLS WMS is built to be easily configured, our customer is able to rapidly deploy it to their warehouses ensuring that warehouses are fully and efficiently operational within a short period, facilitating ongoing company growth.

What was the end result?

We have developed a strong strategic partnership with this customer and provide them with timely, stable technical support and services to complement their deployment and implementation of their warehousing network strategy.‍

Our customer continues to expand its warehouse network and currently boasts nearly 100 local and offshore warehouses that are powered by HLS WMS.