Build a Strong Software Foundation

Establishing a robust software platform is essential for achieving both short- and long-term success in modern distribution and fulfillment (D&F) operations. As e-commerce order volumes and customer service level expectations continue to rise, many operations are introducing increasing levels of automation to keep pace.

Machine control — which refers to a software and control system that automates and oversees the functioning of material handling equipment (MHE) — serves as the foundation of these automated warehouse ecosystems.

Not only does machine control help to integrate MHE (such as conveyors, sorters, or automated storage and retrieval systems [AS/RS]), but it also enables communications and provides decision points among various components of a material handling system. A machine control system consists of a controller that processes commands, an electrical panel that routes the commands to the equipment and a user interface (UI).

Learn about the primary functions machine control supports, including receiving and interpreting input and output (I/O) data from diagnostic sensors, panel inputs and photo eyes.