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Sortation Systems Videos

With decades of sortation experience and thousands of installations, Honeywell Intelligrated has a solution for every sortation challenge. These solutions deliver the highest throughput rates in the industry while operating at minimal machine speed — increasing the service life of equipment while ensuring gentler handling and lowering maintenance costs.

Sortation Solutions

IntelliSort® Sliding Shoe Sorter

HDS Sliding Shoe

Conveyor and Sortation Systems for Distribution Center Operations

IntelliSort® Cross-belt

IntelliSort® Cross-belt Sorter

Tilt Tray

Sortation Solutions for Small/Difficult to Handle Packages


Sortation Solutions for Cartons/Totes

Bomb Bay

Sortation Solutions for Totes

Wheel Divert

Sortation Solutions for Apparel

IntelliSort® SB90

Sortation Solutions for Large Cartons

IntelliSort® Tilt-tray

Sortation Solutions for Cartons over 70 Pounds

Sweeper Sorter (single-induct)

High-throughput Sortation Solutions

Low-throughput Sortation Solutions

Medium-throughput Sortation Solutions

Sortation Solutions for Bagged E-commerce Orders

Push Tray

Strip Belt Transfer

Pop-Up Wheel Strip Belt

Sliding Shoe (single-sided)

Pop-up Wheel Belt

Sortation Solutions for Small Cartons

Sortation Solutions for Eaches