Breakthrough Robotics Empowering Distribution Centers

The use of robotics has come a long way from when robots were first introduced as an aid in the workforce. Today’s robots can accomplish complex and repetitive tasks with more precision than ever. With the growing shortage of skilled laborers, robotic software and artificial intelligence offer a solution to common problems plaguing many distribution centers (DCs): remaining competitive and keeping up with the growing needs of the e-commerce market.

Multiple advancements for robotic solutions have focused on making DC productivity more efficient. Sensors have helped robots better navigate their surroundings. Mobile robots come equipped with technology that allows them to map out the DC they are working within and have long battery life for lengthy shifts. In addition, simulation tactics allow robots to be tested before ever touching the DC’s floor. This is helpful in determining where a robot would be most effective from the beginning of its use.

Whether loading, handling items or depalletizing, robots are created with these needs in mind. They are manufactured with the technology to be helpful additions to the workforce. Their vacuum tools allow them to lift products safely for transfer. And when vacuum tools aren’t enough, clamping tools can lift from the sides for larger products that need to be moved.

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