Five Steps to a Successful Material Handling CMMS Implementation

Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) collect and analyze relevant data to plan and execute a preventive lifecycle maintenance program. This enables fast-paced distribution operations to maximize the uptime and productivity of their automation investments, all with reduced overtime and paperwork. However, capitalizing on these benefits requires an effective, fully developed implementation.

DCs are turning to automated warehouse solutions to increase throughput and decrease overall operating costs. With a reliance on automation, it’s also important to be aware of the inevitable downtime that may come with it. By taking a proactive stance on system maintenance, operators can increase equipment longevity and their return on investment.

Predictive maintenance includes collecting data for future decision-making, noticing operational trends, and preparing for future maintenance or downtime. These are the benefits that a CMMS delivers.

From vendor expertise to customer involvement, this white paper lays out five keys for avoiding pitfalls and ensuring a successful material handling CMMS implementation.