Next-Generation Machine Controls Drive DC Performance Improvements

Distribution centers (DCs) must maintain a high level of productivity and low levels of errors and damaged packages in order to remain competitive in today’s market. Consumers are looking for a positive customer experience in the shortest amount of time possible. DCs must use an innovative mix of manufacturing products and equipment types to address this delicate balance. It’s also imperative that these mechanical solutions are long-lasting, don’t require maintenance often, and won’t significantly slow down the throughput process when routine maintenance is required.

Every DC has differing needs, which is why manufacturers strive to offer a host of solutions for DCs of varying sizes and output rates. Some may be looking for long-term solutions, cost-saving methods, or ways to slow or eliminate as much labor attrition as possible. Integrating control systems into your operation can allow for a fluid workflow. There are many different types of control system solutions to choose from. They offer speed, data interpretation, decision-making options and more. These options can integrate into your current operation or replace an outdated system altogether.

Fulfillment centers are working with varying warehouse sizes, a lack of skilled workers and unstable employee retention rates. Even with the use of data science and artificial intelligence, operational managers must find ways to run their warehouses in the best ways possible. To increase and maintain efficiency, machine control solutions offer a way to drive performance improvements.

This white paper will discuss the many control system options available to DCs to run their operations more efficiently.