The Resident Maintenance Model

Today’s automated order fulfillment and distribution systems operate faster and longer to meet increased fulfillment volumes at the speed of omnichannel demands. The prolonged operating hours leave little time for repairs, preventive maintenance and benchmarking the relative health of a system.

Preventing downtime and optimizing operational efficiency of these highly automated systems require preventative maintenance (PM) programs planned and executed by a skilled maintenance staff who are competent with the latest versions of software, systems and diagnostic techniques. With manpower in high demand, fewer highly qualified personnel are available in the labor pool. More and more, DC operators and e-retailers are recognizing the value of a resident maintenance program that offers guaranteed uptime and staffing and unlimited access to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) engineers and support staff. 

Resident maintenance programs provide DCs struggling to retain qualified maintenance technicians with guaranteed uptime, minimal unplanned outages and increased overall material handling system performance.

In this white paper, we review five benefits of implementing a resident maintenance program using real-life examples from the Honeywell Intelligrated Lifecycle Support Services team.