Return Material Authorization (RMA)

Test and Measurement Return Material Authorization (RMA) Request

Repairs delivered with superior processes and historic knowledge base

We know your business is conducted in harsh and rugged environments where damage is possible. Test & Measurement Repair services provide committed turnaround times, cost savings and expert technical support direct from the manufacturer. Factory certified repairs enable you to continue meeting your application requirements.

Specialized services aligned with the manufacturer’s expertise

Comprehensive capabilities designed for the unique calibration requirements for sensors. As the manufacturer of many products that require calibration, Honeywell T&M Calibration Services include a broad range of highly accurate capabilities for load, pressure, torque and displacement sensors coupled with the best pricing options for budgetary peace of mind. 

Please hold any RMA requests To our RMA customers – please be aware that our RMA site and facility are transitioning to a new ERP system. This RMA request site will no longer be monitored starting end of day today, so please hold any RMA requests until we are able to direct you to the new RMA Request Portal after our transition is finalized.