TotalFreedom Development Platform


Develop. Download. Deploy. Whether you’re an end user or third-party integrator using Honeywell area-imaging scanners, our TotalFreedom™ development platform provides the tools you need to develop a wide array of decoding and formatting plug-ins that can meet the specific needs of any application.

Key Features

What are the components of TotalFreedom and how does it work?

An operating system with open-system architecture allows third-party vendors to use familiar programming languages (C and C++) to develop plugins that can be embedded directly into imager.

What can I do with TotalFreedom?

Create decode plug-ins that allow your Honeywell imagers to decode non-standard or proprietary barcodes; create formatting plug-ins that parse or reformat data. 

How do I develop and install plug-ins?

TotalFreedom plug-in SDK provides the tools necessary for developing and installing plug-ins, using a PC with Windows or Linux operating system and a compatible Honeywell imager.

What type of protection does Honeywell offer third-party software developers?

Built-in license check functionality prohibits the copying and installation of proprietary plug-ins without permission.

Product Details

The TotalFreedom Development Platform is compatible with Honeywell products such as the  Genesis XP 7680g, Vuquest 3380 and many others.

The TotalFreedom Software Development Kit (SDK) contains everything you need to develop and install a wide array of plug-ins that can be designed to meet the specific needs of any application.

The EasyDL™ TotalFreedom Plug-In was developed with the TotalFreedom platform. It parses barcode data found on government-issued identification cards to deliver ready-to-use information to the host system. The embedded parsing functionality can support applications including age verification or automatic electronic form population

Our TotalFreedom Plug-In Certification Program enables you to have your solutions tested by Honeywell. We’ll help ensure that they operate properly with specific Honeywell scanning platforms. The certification benefits include:

• Honeywell will test up to two plug-ins per company per year.

• Development and integration assistance during the validation process.

• Upon successful validation, developers will be able to use the Honeywell logo on websites and marketing material to promote software that meets Honeywell established compatibility and integration specifications.

• Receive a listing on our TotalFreedom Plug-in website.

• TotalFreedom Plug-In Certification Request form.

TotalFreedom Development Platform