Robotic Solutions

Robotic solutions offer the flexibility, reliability and efficiency to satisfy virtually any operational requirement in high-performance distribution and manufacturing environments. They deliver speed, accuracy and efficiency while freeing up limited labor for higher-value jobs.

Honeywell Robotics provides a variety of scalable solutions for several applications, including palletizing and depalletizing, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), loading and unloading. Sophisticated machine learning (ML) and advances in perception and gripping are empowering robots to quickly unload mixed-SKU or single-SKU pallets in any sequence with no pre-programming. Likewise, advances in vision and mapping technologies are enabling autonomous mobile robots to navigate warehouse environments more efficiently than ever before and effectively manage pallet conveyance, returns processing and automated machine tending. These solutions are just the beginning of what’s possible with smart robotics within the distribution center (DC).

Honeywell Robotics is a certified robot integrator with more than 20 years of experience providing single-source solutions with a comprehensive lifecycle approach to maximize the value and useful life of each system.

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