AMRs in warehouse
AMRs in warehouse

Mobile Robotics

Deploy Mobile Robotics for Flexible Load Conveyance, Returns Processing and Machine Tending

Mobile Robotics

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can be inserted into your operation with minimal infrastructural changes. No tape, markers or wires are needed, and the robots require only a short set-up period to learn their surroundings.

These self-navigating robots work independently and are smart enough to interact safely with human co-workers and other vehicles, find a different route if their original path is blocked, and respond to rapid changes in orders or logistics needs — all without human intervention. Multiple top-mounted attachments enable the robots to perform various applications, including:

  • Pallet conveyance — AMRs can be loaded or unloaded directly with a forklift or work independently via pick-up and delivery (P&D) stands.
  • Pallet conveyance via autonomous forklift — Pallets can be moved autonomously between floor and/or P&D stand transfer locations.
  • Picking and cart transport — Mobile robots can provide significant productivity benefits by automating the movement of carts used to transport picked orders, returns or kits.
  • Automated machine tending — AMRs with in-line conveyor or custom attachments can be used to transport parts and goods between manufacturing equipment, take goods/pallets from or to palletizers and depalletizers, replenish automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), or provide a flexible “bridge” between different conveyor systems.

How Your Operation Benefits

  • Deploy in relatively little time — often in just a few hours — with minimal infrastructural changes.
  • Integrate with a variety of systems, from tablets and wireless buttons to warehouse management system (WMS) and manufacturing execution system (MES) software.
  • AMRs deliver proven return on investment (ROI) in applications such as piece, case and pallet picking, order consolidation, kitting, replenishment and cross-docking.
  • Redeploy scarce labor resources to higher-value tasks.