Advanced Warehouse Management and Execution Software for Modern Fulfillment Operations

Keeping pace with perpetually increasing retail store and e-commerce fulfillment demands is more challenging than ever. Rising consumer expectations and shrinking order cycle times are creating unprecedented complexities and driving the need for flawless execution from every warehouse automation system and process in your distribution center (DC). With next- and even same-day delivery quickly becoming expected service levels, DC operations have very little margin for error. And as the competitive retail landscape evolves over the next few years, you will need to adapt quickly, grow and elevate your capabilities — or risk getting left behind the competition. 

Honeywell Intelligrated’s Momentum software suite is designed to address e-commerce fulfillment challenges by orchestrating nearly every aspect of warehouse management and automated warehouse execution — from multiple systems and order fulfillment processes to inbound and outbound logistics, robust inventory control, resource and labor management, workload balancing and real-time, decision-making capabilities.

Momentum is much more than next-generation warehouse execution system (WES) and warehouse management system (WMS) software. It is a purpose-built suite of warehouse software with a supporting technological infrastructure that enables seamless scalability, future-proof flexibility and the data-driven intelligence to optimize your operation in real time to achieve peak levels of productivity, efficiency and end-to-end DC performance.

Flexible, Optimized Warehouse Management

Finding the right WMS tracking software can be difficult. Many leading packages are overbuilt and cost-prohibitive, and homegrown solutions quickly become obsolete as DCs grow and markets change. Momentum WMS provides a practical and future-proof middle ground by giving you the flexibility to scale on-demand. More than 500 parameters can be activated or deactivated quickly, with no need for custom coding. This unprecedented customization enables you to tailor Momentum WMS to your specific operation, streamlining a wide variety of operations from replenishment and wave picking to warehouse cross-docking, cycle counting, dock scheduling, order management and more.

In addition, Momentum WMS can offer you even more flexibility and control when integrated with Momentum WES, advanced capabilities like Decision Intelligence and a wide range of third-party systems.

A Complete Warehouse Execution Ecosystem

Whether it’s time to maximize the utilization of your existing DC’s resources, introduce new robotics or warehouse automation systems, or add all-new facilities to your fulfillment network, Momentum WES gives you a strong foundation for continuous growth that won’t crumble under the weight of e-commerce pressures. By combining modular applications of the most critical DC functions, a secure and stable data analytics core, and seamless system and asset integration, Momentum’s warehouse execution ecosystem offers you an alternative to the patchwork of multiple vendors, incompatible machine controls and stranded islands of automation.

This powerful warehouse control system removes proprietary constraints, alleviates custom integration and configuration headaches, and greatly simplifies the complexities associated with the transition to greater degrees of warehouse automation. Momentum WES gives you the extensibility to add new automation, functionalities and fulfillment processes as needed, so your business can grow to meet ever-changing customer demands or business requirements. 

Since every business faces its own unique challenges and fulfillment scenarios, Honeywell Intelligrated approaches each operation’s needs with fresh eyes. Industry experts are available to demonstrate Momentum’s deep capabilities and recommend best-fit automation solutions to achieve your business objectives and fulfillment outcomes.

A Tiered Approach to Warehouse Automation

Momentum WES functionality is tiered to address a full spectrum of warehouse automation scenarios — from a modern, web-based machine control platform for essential conveyor and sortation operation to a modular, cost-effective WCS alternative with key control functions to a full-featured warehouse execution system for state-of-the-art in warehouse automation with dynamic decision intelligence capabilities. No matter what your unique business priorities or operational demands may be, there’s a Momentum-based solution that will meet your specific automation requirements.

  • Momentum Machine Control (MC4) provides a high level of web-based, internationalized, modular and connected solutions for conveyor and sortation control.
  • Empower your DC with the Momentum warehouse execution system (WES), a next-generation software platform designed to orchestrate disparate automation systems.
  • Access robust performance and nimble integration with key automation software and equipment with Momentum warehouse management system.
  • Momentum Machine Control Business Logic blends machine control, operator interface, system diagnostics and maintenance tools in a single collection of conveyor controls.
  • Momentum Labor delivers on-demand intelligence to measure and manage warehouse labor allocations to increase productivity.
  • Momentum eSim combines simulation and emulation enabling DCs to run “what-if” scenarios and predictive analyses to reduce risk and improve productivity.
  • Momentum software suite is designed to support rapidly growing warehouse operations with secure data storage and management and seamless integration.

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