Maximize Material Handling Equipment Uptime

Operations with mission-critical equipment recognize that every minute of downtime severely hampers productivity. Companies with high-value assets — such as automation and manufacturing machinery, fleets of vehicles for transportation of people or loads of products, and other essential equipment — cannot risk the operational disruptions caused by performance issues. To prevent unanticipated downtime, many operations have established rigorous maintenance and inspection (M&I) procedures. All too often, however, those processes are paper- or tablet-based and require technicians to repeatedly stop and turn away from their work to document their findings.

Honeywell’s M&I solution solves these challenges by providing clear, step-by-step directions to technicians. Any process involving 20 (or more) steps is a potential candidate for the M&I solution. Voice-automated instructions ensure that process steps cannot be skipped; every prompt requires a response. This makes it easier to follow standard procedures, document the condition of the equipment, and confirm when each step of the process has been completed — all in real time. Discover the key benefits of voice automation and the various industries where voice solutions can be leveraged in our application brief.