Maximize Throughput and Efficiency With Performance Optimization Consulting

In every distribution and fulfillment (D&F) operation, there is a portion of the MHE system that is vital to the facility’s success. This is called the critical path, and the effective performance of its components is essential. If your critical path isn’t robust and operating at full efficiency, neither are your D&F operations. Yet most organizations face challenges to optimal critical path performance:

  • You suspect that your MHE system is not running as designed or specified in its original design documentation.
  • Changes to business or throughput requirements are pushing the system beyond its original capabilities.
  • System modifications have been made to meet those changing requirements — and you suspect that things are no longer working as well as they should be.

How can D&F operators optimize the performance of their critical path while minimizing costs and maintaining efficient operations?

Performance optimization consulting (POC) is a targeted lifecycle management process through which a material handling equipment (MHE) vendor evaluates a critical path’s current operation and makes improvements. Download the application brief to learn about our three-step POC process.