Wonderful Citrus  

Alvey 910 Palletizer with Wonderful Citrus product
Alvey 910 Palletizer with Wonderful Citrus product

Wonderful Citrus is part of the Wonderful Co. family of companies. The Wonderful Co. is a $3 billion international company focused on healthy brands for healthy lifestyles. Its products include fresh fruit and tree nuts; floral delivery; and premium beverages such as artesian water, California wines and pure pomegranate juices and teas. Over the last decade, the company has transformed the healthy pomegranate and POM Wonderful into a worldwide phenomenon, FIJI Water into the country’s No. 1 imported bottled water, and Wonderful Pistachios into one of America’s top-selling snack nuts. Its diverse holdings make it the world’s largest grower of tree crops, America’s largest citrus grower, and the world’s largest flower delivery service. Wonderful Citrus is America’s largest integrated grower, packer and shipper of fresh citrus — mandarins, navel oranges, Valencia oranges, lemons, limes, Texas red grapefruit and other citrus varieties.

More than 26 million fresh cartons of citrus are processed at its facilities in California’s San Joaquin Valley, Texas’s Rio Grande Valley and Mexico and then shipped around the world. The company is best known for its sweet, seedless, easy-peel California mandarins — marketed under the Wonderful Halos® brand. Wonderful Citrus is the country’s largest grower of mandarins, which are processed in the world’s largest citrus packinghouse at its company’s headquarters in Delano, Calif.

In order to process the volume of fruit coming in the facility at their target throughput rate, they needed a fully automated process throughout the facility, which meant an automated end-of-line palletizing system was a major requirement.

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